A Little Bit About Candace Newton




Hi there! That’s me, Candace Newton, on the left. I’m a 24 year old online marketing specialist living in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I have always lived in South Africa, but my feet frequently itch to stroll across foreign lands whenever I get the chance.

My career to date has been built on the foundation of an International Marketing Management Diploma, as well as an eMarketing Certificate. Above that, I am also Google Adwords (Advanced Search and Advanced Display) and Google Analytics certified. I have always had a passion for marketing and a soft spot for digital.

I’ve been in the marketing/advertising industry for 5 years and am currently working as a Senior Account Manager  and digital strategist at a digital agency, as well as an online marketing freelancer in my spare time. I spend the majority of my time conceptualizing and planning digital strategies, then project managing these strategies to fruition.






  • International Marketing Management Diploma     –             IMM Graduate School of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Certificate                                 –             Quirk Education
  • Adwords Fundamentals                                       –             Google Partners
  • Adwords Advanced Display                                 –             Google Partners
  • Adwords Advanced Search                                 –             Google Partners
  • Analytics Platform Principles                               –             Google Analytics Academy



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